Other IT Services

1 Microsoft Campus Agreement

The university has purchased authorized license of Microsoft Windows  (Enterprise Version) and Microsoft® Office  (Professional Plus Version) for all the students and teachers.

Software download Link: http://kms.njau.edu.cn/ .

Users should connect to the campus network and use the Campus Activation Tool to activate Microsoft products. If you keep disconnected from the campus network for more than half a year after the activation, you’ll be asked to activate the products again.

We recommend to use On-Campus Windows Update Service (http://winupdate.njau.edu.cn/) to keep your Windows updated automatically.

2 Antivirus Software

We provide the powerful antivirus software, ESET Endpoint Antivirus 5.0 & 6.0, to help users keep their PC safe and stable. We recommend to uninstall other security software before installing ESET in case of software conflicts.

Sofeware download Link: http://kvirus.njau.edu.cn/ .

3 Software & Resources Center

http://ftp.njau.edu.cn/ .

4 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service

http://vpn2.njau.edu.cn/ .

VPN service is provided for users who are off-campus to get access to the campus network and resources.

5 Live Webcast

http://iptv.njau.edu.cn/ .