Other IT Services

1 Microsoft Campus Agreement

The university has purchased authorized license of Microsoft Windows  (Enterprise Version) and Microsoft® Office  (Professional Plus Version) for all the students and teachers.

Software download Link: http://kms.njau.edu.cn/ .

Users should connect to the campus network and use the Campus Activation Tool to activate Microsoft products. If you keep disconnected from the campus network for more than half a year after the activation, you’ll be asked to activate the products again.

We recommend to use On-Campus Windows Update Service (http://winupdate.njau.edu.cn/) to keep your Windows updated automatically.

2 Antivirus Software

We provide the powerful antivirus software, ESET Endpoint Antivirus, to help users keep their PC safe and stable. We recommend to uninstall other security software before installing ESET in case of software conflicts.

Sofeware download Link: http://kvirus.njau.edu.cn/ .

3 Software & Resources Center

http://ftp.njau.edu.cn/ .

4 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service


VPN service is provided for users who are off-campus to get access to the campus network and resources.

5 Live Webcast

http://iptv.njau.edu.cn/ .