E-mail Services

Campus E-mail system (http://mail.njau.edu.cn/) can be used by all the students, teachers and other staff in the campus.

Students’ username is their Student ID, the E-mail address is like ID@stu.njau.edu.cn(The E-mail address of the student registed before 2020  is like ID@njau.edu.cn ). Teacher's username is they Teacher ID and the E-mail address is like ID@njau.edu.cn. The capacity of mailbox is unlimited. Users can have custom usernames only one time.

The E-mail Client is able to process e-mails over the POP3 or IMAP protocols. The Authentication Settings of the Outgoing Mail Server should be set as smtp.njau.edu.cn. The Incoming Mail Server over POP3 should be set as pop3.njau.edu.cn. And the Incoming Mail Server over IMAP protocols be set as imap.njau.edu.cn.