Internet Account

The campus network users are required to login the Internet account when accessing to the off-campus network resources.

You need to create an Internet account by yourself.

1  How to Create an Account

(1) Connect to the campus network.

Connect your PC and the Net Interface with a network cable, then you’ll be able to access to the campus network.

Or you can connect to WIFI (SSID: NJAU), then visit and login in using your infomation portal account/password。

 (2) Create the Internet accout 

Open the browser and visit instead), then longin in using your infomation portal account/password。

Your Internet account will be created by this and it is the same as  your infomation portal account.

Please change the password through as soon as possible.


2  Billing rate

Users Type

     Network Access

Free Data

Price of    Additional DATA

Upper Limit Cost






Master Students

Doctoral  tudents


Teachers &    Staff



Unauthenticated Users



l  Campus Network resources can be used for free.

l  In case the data exceeds the free range, the additional data will cost ¥1/Gigabyte. And when the network cost reaches the upper limit, the exceeding amount will be free.

l  Multi-Device Network Access means the number of devices which can login the account at the same time.