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Internet Account

Internet Account

The campus network users are required to login the Internet account when accessing to the off-campus network resources.

1  How to Create an Account

Use your Campus Card with sufficient balance to transfer money into the Billing System as the picture shows below.

Then your Internet account will be created and you can recharge like this.  The USERNAME is your Student/Teacher ID, and the default PASSWORD is 123456. Please change the password through http://account.njau.edu.cn/ as soon as possible.


2  Billing rate

Users Type

     Network Access

Free Data

Price of    Additional DATA

Upper Limit Cost






Master Students

Doctoral  tudents


Teachers &    Staff



Unauthenticated Users



l  Campus Network resources and databases can be used for free.

l  In case the data exceeds the free range, the additional data will cost ¥1/Gigabyte. And when the network cost reaches the upper limit, the exceeding amount will be free.

l  Multi-Device Network Access means the number of devices which can login the account at the same time.